Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition September 2014

We’re a little late but as you know, at times it takes a little longer to find those awesome WordPress themes. We’re about to share the list with you but would like to warn you that we’re still trying to get over the fact that all these themes are available for free 1] Gumbo: If […]

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All you need to know about WordPress 4.0

If you’ve been living under a rock then you probably missed the news that WordPress 4.0 is now available to be installed. WordPress 4.0 has been named “Benny” to honor the famous jazz player Benny Goodman and brings along some pretty cool updates. For all security enthusiasts, this update will be a tad bit disappointing […]

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How to Import your Blogger Data into WordPress

We are pretty sure that there are many out there who have started their blogging venture with the very popular CMS – Blogger (BlogSpot). As years passed, WordPress took that throne away from Blogger and is enjoying the title of ‘the most popular Content Management System’ today. If you’re still using Blogger, you might be […]

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How Successful Startups are Born

We have often come across this saying “An idea can change the world.” And we couldn’t agree more. But an idea alone has never shifted the course of the earth, the successful execution of the idea has. Sue Grafton, an American author has very well quoted this theory “Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of […]

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Every Business needs a Branded Email Address

We are writing this article to reiterate the importance of having a branded email which in today’s world has become more of a necessity than a choice. Lots of businesses today continue to use as their email id and this will most likely always do more harm than good to your business. Here are […]

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Getting Candid with the BigRockers – Keith Pinto

It’s time to meet another one of our BigRockers. After your last encounter with the foodie Aaron, it’s time for you to now meet Keith a.k.a the Sniper.   Keith is the Community Evangelist at BigRock and manages BigRock’s Social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc with the objective of increasing engagement. He’s also responsible […]

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Here’s how we increased traffic to our blog by 260%

We hate traffic except for the ones that lead to a website and we’re sure that you second this thought too. Our SEO tips have always worked wonders for us in terms of getting traffic and continue to do so even today, but we all want more. So we began our search to find ways […]

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What’s the best hosting option for you?

While building your website, choosing the right web hosting plan can be a tricky situation. You need to understand which hosting will suit your website’s requirements the best. You need to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money for a hosting plan that is too advanced and at the same time you can’t […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition August 2014

We’re back with yet another edition of Free WordPress themes. Honestly, it’s getting tougher with every passing to find good free themes but we’re not turning back on our promise. So without further ado, here’s the best free WordPress themes for the month of August 2014. 1] Lingonberry: This is a simple, clean, responsive and […]

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Boost your SEO rank – Why SSL Certificates are more important than ever before!

Good guy Google strikes again! The search engine giant is committed towards securing the internet and has launched multiple initiatives to achieve this. The “Good to know” campaign in India, a series of online workshops across consumer and industry groups, and the dedicated Safety Centre are some such examples. In keeping with the underlying theme […]

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