Starter Reseller Hosting and Overselling Simplified

Our product team is on a roll, after the successful launch of the Business Email we have added yet another plan [Starter Reseller Hosting] to our already popular reseller hosting packages. Aimed to create a much easier entry point, this plan will be a boon for web-designers/developers who want to use a reseller hosting package […]

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Your Website and your Back ups – A Love story

We had some customers quiz us at length on our back up policy and we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a quick write up on website backups. We believe its super important to take regular back-ups of your website to make sure, you are ready for WW IV when […]

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5 ways to Speed up your Website

We may all agree to the fact that Speed is the norm for every successful website. Search Engines have also made it clear that they will rank pages with faster load times at the top of the search results. And honestly with faster internet connections these days, a slow loading website is rarely tolerated. If […]

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How to use your domain with Blogger

Blogger which is now Google’s baby is a blog publishing platform which is absolutely free of cost. Unlike WordPress, Blogger does not allow the blogs to be hosted on any other server except their own. But fortunately custom urls are allowed instead of just domain names with But to establish this, you would need […]

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Is the future of Ecommerce bright in India?

This question has been doing the rounds throughout the Indian business sector for quite some time now. From the time of its inception the Ecommerce has been slowly growing its roots in India. Compared to countries like China and US, the Indian ecommerce companies have only just managed to scratch the surface. In the year […]

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We took the Beta out of our Business Email

At BigRock, our primary goal has always been to become a one stop shop for all your website needs. We take pride in all the new products that we launch as they are built keeping our customers’ needs in mind. Today, is the dawn of our all new Business Email without the ‘Beta’ tag. That’s […]

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Protecting your WordPress Website

  Website security has become so important these days that people plan on how to secure a website, even before starting to build one. Cyber attacks are common not only larger websites but even smaller websites and blogs. WordPress sites are no exception to this rule. Owing to its super popular status, wordpress sites have […]

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Understanding new gTLDS

The news around the launch of hundreds of domain extensions in the coming year can be overwhelming and confusing. While this is a great movement that could change the internet ecosystem, let’s take a step back and understand what new gTLDs are. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for the […]

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Your Drupal website cannot survive without these 8 Modules

Drupal is a content management system just like WordPress and Joomla, powering nearly 2% of the total websites on the internet. 2% may sound small but 2% of 1.7 billion total websites in the world is still a huge number. Drupal can get a little complicated to use since prior knowledge of PHP is essential. […]

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Why should you get a Website?

We believe that the one thing that truly made the world a smaller place is the internet. Computers and laptops have now become affordable and with mobile phones overtaking the total human population of the world, connectivity is reaching a new high every day.  Call it a mode of communication or a virtual world of […]

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