Saving Private WHOIS

If you’re like one of us, you value your privacy. If you’re an E-Entrepreneur, you Seriously value your domain name. Both these invaluable commodities are now on threat – ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is considering altering rules around Privacy/Proxy services such that anyone can get access to your personal information […]

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

Some of the best landing pages are simple, well designed and speaks out just the right information. Creating awesome landing pages can be considered as a skill that only a few possess but thankfully the good folks at FormStack have put together an Infographic that will show us how to leverage different elements to design the […]

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Bloggers, here’s how you can GO PRO

Not everyone is a professional blogger, some are just pursuing this as a hobby. But if you’re at that stage in life where you’re ready to take your blogging to the next level and make some serious moolah, then we’ve got a few tips to get you started. Find the right domain name: This has […]

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The Killer WordPress Checklist [Infographic]

Have you ever spent hours on end, surfing and researching the net for some useful tips on setting up a WordPress website? If yes, then welcome to the club! Like you, we have also invested valuable time looking for a handy WordPress checklist that can be used every time we need to set up a website, but to […]

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10 Games that will make you a better Designer

“All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy”, you’ve probably heard this one before and designers for one just can’t afford to be dull. They deserve a break from their daily tasks every now & then. But is there a way to make these breaks productive? Well how about a few fun […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition June 2015

There’s no right time to start your own website. If you have an idea, a website is the perfect platform to take it out there. We’ve found a bunch of awesome WordPress themes that we think can become the face of your website. Let’s take a look at them. Endolf: Built on Bootstrap 3 Framework, […]

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10 Web Design Tools to help you build your Website faster

  A lot of time and effort goes into building a website but if you’re using these web design tools then the story will be different. Mockingbird:You can easily create mockups for your website or application and collaborate with your team in real time. ICO Converter: Use this tool to convert any image into an […]

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Design tool for the Masses

Design is a way to clearly communicate an idea, a thought or even an emotion. Many believe that a good design can only be created by an experienced designer. But we disagree with this fact (no offence to the experienced designers). With evolving technology there are new tools that can empower anyone to create great […]

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4 Things that make a Successful Entrepreneur

Many start the journey to become an entrepreneur but only a few ever make it. There isn’t a shortcut to achieving success but if you’ve got these 4 things then you’re half way through. 1] Passion: This is the fuel that burns the fire. Entrepreneurial journey is not easy, there are ups and downs but […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition May 2015

If you’re looking out for some free themes for your next WordPress website, then take a look at these awesome WordPress themes. One Engine:This is a great responsive single-page WordPress theme that includes an even more awesome layout builder. The backend is fairly simple to use and the transition effects and the big Homepage slider […]

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