What’s CodeGuard?

There’s a huge fan following for time travel movies. Classic movies like Terminator and Back to the Future still get sci-fi fans all revved up. These movies have left an impact on most of us and we only wish that time travel was possible. With advancing technology, a day will come when time travel will […]

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Getting Candid with the BigRockers – Adrian Fernandes

It’s only been a few months since Adrian joined BigRock but he’s already become an integral part of the BigRock family. Creative by nature, Adrian holds the fort as a Visual Designer, churning out master pieces every time. Whether it’s the awesome offers you see on our website or mailers or the cool standees at […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition October 2014

After a long search for some free awesome WordPress themes, we’ve finally narrowed down this month’s list. All the themes that you’re going to be introduced to are worth being in the premium category but the developers have decided otherwise. So without wasting any more of your time, lets jump into the list. 1] Serene […]

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The Poodle has been Pounded

Good guys at Google are back at it. They’ve identified a flaw in the design of SSL v3 and its dubbed the Poodle.  Now, we’re not the ones to take security threats lightly (even if it’s from a Poodle) so we’re going ahead and disabling SSL v3 support on all our offerings in a phased […]

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Blogging Tips by Amit Agarwal [Video]

It’s almost a month since the WordUp event took place but the memories are still fresh. The amount of blogging knowledge shared during the event was truly phenomenal. We were highly privileged to have a great set of speakers who have been in the Indian Blogosphere for a while and have tasted success. Amit Agarwal […]

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Getting Candid with the BigRockers – Shalom Sam

We are back with yet another edition of getting candid with the BigRockers. After your last encounter with Keith, it’s time for you to now meet Shalom a.k.a Super Sam. Super Sam (Senior Front-End Developer) is the guy behind the BigRock website. He manages all the front-end dev work which involves converting beautiful designs into […]

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WordUp – Listen, Learn, Express

It’s been more than a week since WordUp concluded, but the excitement still prevails with all of us at BigRock. The day was 20th September 2014, where some of the finest bloggers from all over India had assembled at Blue Frog, Mumbai to witness the GodFathers of blogging, share their tips and experiences. Quite frankly […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition September 2014

We’re a little late but as you know, at times it takes a little longer to find those awesome WordPress themes. We’re about to share the list with you but would like to warn you that we’re still trying to get over the fact that all these themes are available for free 1] Gumbo: If […]

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All you need to know about WordPress 4.0

If you’ve been living under a rock then you probably missed the news that WordPress 4.0 is now available to be installed. WordPress 4.0 has been named “Benny” to honor the famous jazz player Benny Goodman and brings along some pretty cool updates. For all security enthusiasts, this update will be a tad bit disappointing […]

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How to Import your Blogger Data into WordPress

We are pretty sure that there are many out there who have started their blogging venture with the very popular CMS – Blogger (BlogSpot). As years passed, WordPress took that throne away from Blogger and is enjoying the title of ‘the most popular Content Management System’ today. If you’re still using Blogger, you might be […]

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