5 Awesome Image Compression tools to make your Website super fast

With ever growing tech, the speed at which information is consumed over the internet has gone up big time. People want what they want and when they want it. In the sea of information you only get once chance and if your site is too slow then you’ve potentially lost the visitor forever. One of […]

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Social Media Tools that will make your life a lot easier

One of the most important inventions of ancient times has got to be the wheel. Aimed to make life easier and save time, this invention has changed the face of history as we know it. Thousand years later we have another hard and time consuming task and that is Social Media Management. Image Source: daveharman.com I […]

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No HeartBleed at BigRock

A groovy name but a threatening personality, such is the nature of a brand new bug found in OpenSSL, the open-source software package broadly used to encrypt Web communications. This bug allows attackers to steal information off your emails even if your site is SSL secured. All communication channels including email, Instant messangers (IM) and […]

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5 Free WordPress Themes you just can’t resist

We recently had one of our customers drop us a request on the blog to share a list of the top WordPress themes. So we spent some time in searching for. So without further ado here is our list of the top 5 WordPress Themes . 5] Corpo: Need a free Business or Portfolio style […]

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A brief history of gTLDs as we know it

Behind a successful phenomenon there always lies a great deal of history. The internet too has had it’s share. There are many things that have made it a success and one of the most important aspects is the gTLDs. From the year 1985, it has set the wheel of the internet spinning ahead and given […]

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Power of Ubuntu. Now at BigRock

Here is yet another update for making our VPS hosting even more irresistible. You will be glad to know that we have now included a brand new Flavor of OS – Ubuntu with all our VPS packages. With an already awesome option – CentOS, you will now be spoilt for choice thanks to Ubuntu. Image […]

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New gTLDs – What’s in it for you?

Let me start this article by saying that these here are the most exciting times for anyone associated with the internet. Be it us registrars or you, the end customers, BIG things are happening and we’re going to try and give you a front seat view of history as it unfolds. . For anyone who is […]

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My Visit to the BigRock’s DataCenter at GPX India [continued]

If you’re here, I am pretty sure you are trying to break the suspense that we left you in the previous article. Well we won’t keep you waiting and the sever belongs to… Anonymous . Sorry guys but the security guy just would not give me any information. I kept pestering him for quite some […]

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My Visit to the BigRock’s DataCenter at GPX India

Before I talk about my visit to the BigRock’s Data center in India, it’s really important for you to know why I opted in for it. I was hearing quite a lot from my colleagues that our Data Center at the GPX [Mumbai] is really cool but somehow I was not able to connect with […]

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BigRock & .BIZ bring more Indian Businesses Online

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